These eight-legged creepy crawlers are a homeowner’s nightmare. They are a year-round pest in North Dakota and Minnesota as well.

Common Types of House Spiders

There are a few species of house spiders that you’ll find commonly in the MN lakes area and North Dakota. The American House Spider is the one you’ll see most often. They have long, skinny legs and are yellowish brown in color. They only bite in self-defense and are generally harmless to humans. You may encounter Wolf Spiders too. These are more hairy in appearance and tend to live outside but make their way indoors when fall hits, seeking warmth. They rarely bite as well.

What Causes Cobwebs?

If you’ve got spiders, you’ve got cobwebs. Cobwebs are different than spider webs, which spiders spin to catch food. Basically, cobwebs are sticky, silky remnants that spiders leave behind when they move to a new “house.” The best way to get rid of these webs is with the nozzle attachment on your vacuum or with the extension on your duster.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

To rid your home of spiders, you can do a DIY trick, spraying entranceways and any gaps with equal parts vinegar and water. For a quick and complete solution, it’s more effective to have a professional exterminator spray for pests.

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